Veni Johanna is a Stanford alumni who now is working as an Engineering Manager in Quora. Apart from her role in Quora, she also co-founded a program called Indonesia Mengglobal whose mission is to increase Indonesian who study and excel globally. The program also provides mentorship for those want to study abroad.


What does an Engineer Manager do? In this episode, we talked with Veni Johanna, an Engineering Manager in Quora. We talked about her experience representing Indonesia on the International Olympiad in Informatics, her role in Quora, as well as how she developed her team. Apart from that, we also talked about a program that she co-founded, Indonesia Mengglobal as well as her experiences on mentoring.


01:12 - Veni’s introduction

02:46 - How Veni got interested in technology

05:58 - Veni’s experience in International Olympiad of Informatics

10:25 - What Veni studied in Stanford

12:00 - Veni’s experience interning at Facebook & Quora

14:20 - Why Veni joined Quora

16:06 - Internationalization Quora

18:00 - Veni’s role at her current job as an Engineering Manager

21:30 - Transitioning from IC to a managerial position

25:30 - Difference between managing ICs and other managers

28:30 - Hiring

29:55 - Developing the strengths of people in your team

33:20 - Good and constructive feedback

34:45 - Building culture in a team

36:56 - About Indonesia Mengglobal

41:30 - Indonesia Mengglobal’s mentorship program

42:08 - Why is mentoring important?

43:56 - Mentoring style

44:50 - Message for listeners