Alanda Kariza is the Head of Community at Quora Indonesia. She graduated from University of Warwick with an MSc degree in behavioural economics. She also set up a social organization called Sinergi Muda which organizes the Indonesian Youth Conference. She has published 11 books, among them Beats Apart (2015) and Sophismata (2017).


In this episode, Alanda Kariza shares about her role as a Head of Community at Quora in Indonesia, how her background in activism and behavioral sciences relate to her current role, and the impact of communities both in the tech industry and other industries as well. Not only that, we also talked about all things remote work, from how working remotely suits Alanda who is a mother to tips that you need to know if you’re considering working remotely.


01:21 - Alanda’s introduction

04:38 - Alanda’s role in Quora Indonesia as Head of Community

11:06 - Teams that she works with

14:31 - KPIs that are measured

16:40 - Local companies’ awareness regarding the impact of communities

20:36 - Most fun things at work

24:41 - Challenges at work

26:40 - Alanda’s activism background and its impact on her current work

31:44 - Differences in working at the current tech company vs when working at corporation

35:19 - Skills needed for someone who wants to build a career in community management

37:35 - The role of behavioral science at her current work

40:42 - Other applications of behavioral science

43:03 - Working remotely at Quora Indonesia

45:26 - How working remotely differs from working at the office

47:30 - Arranging schedules when working remotely

50:47 - Fun things about working remotely

54:00 - Suggestions for people who are considering to work remotely

57:09 - Messages for listeners