Desy Kristianti is a technology consultant in Deloitte who specializes in Enterprise Integrations. She is also active as a public speaker, co-founder of Women of Indonesia Career Network, and organizer of a public speaking group called The SPUDS in Belfast. She enjoys meeting new people, attending talks, watching musicals or learning music.


What does a technology consultant do? In this episode, we chatted with Desy Kristianti, a technology consultant who works in Deloitte Belfast, Northern Ireland. Desy also talks about her activities as a public speaker and organizer of several communities to how one of her hobbies, improv, is related to technology consulting and public speaking.


1:28 - Desy’s introduction

2:26 - About being a technology consultant

4:47 - Most exciting project

7:50 - Most challenging project

8:50 - Workflow of a project

10:45 - What to do when a project exceeds the determined duration/budget?

13:01 - Skillset needed to become a technology consultant

14:44 - About the team and remote working

17:40 - How Desy got started in public speaking

20:00 - What Desy likes the most about public speaking

22:50 - The most interesting aspect of a tech talk

24:15 - Favorite speaker

26:10 - Desy’s public speaking group, The SPUDS

30:00 - Tips and tricks for public speaking

32:15 - Finding topics for public speaking

34: 26 - Women in Indonesia Career Network

38:20 - Managing time between day job and community work

41:00 - About improv

42:47 - How improv relates to public speaking and being a technology consultant

45:38 - Future planning