Retno Ika Safitri ia a tech-enterpreneur, co-founder of Tanibox and Product Strategist at Chloe & Matt. Through Tanibox, she launched a farm management system, Tania.



Have you ever dreamed to run a business overseas? In this episode, we talked about technology from the business perspective with Retno Ika (@retnoika.s), Co-founder of Tanibox, an Estonian-based startup that focus on sustainable agriculture. This is the longest episode so far! You have to listen if you have ever dreamed about running a business, especially in tech.


1:05 - Ocha’s intrdocuction

3:35 - Working in the UI/UX field

9:09 - The start of Tanibox

14:15 - About Tania, farming management system

20:15 - Business model of Tanibox

21:32 - Building a business that is based in Estonia

35:10 - Clients and competitors of Tanibox

44:00 - Running two differnet businesses, Tanibox and Chloe and Matt

46:11 - Running businesses with her husband

49:50 - Suggestions for people who want to build their own tech business

51:57 - Book recommendations about business for beginners