Patricia Wahyu Haumahu currently works as a Commercial Data Analytics Manager at, with around 10 years of experience working in the field of data as a market researcher and data scientist. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Universitas Diponegoro and master’s degree in applied statistics from Purdue University.


What is data science? What kind of thinking framework and characters a data scientist should possess? If you’re interested in the data science field, you must listen to this episode. In this episode, we discuss a lot about data science with Patricia Wahyu Haumahu, Commercial Data Analytics Manager in We also talk about the challenges that data scientists usually face daily, as well as individual contributor (IC) and managerial roles in the data field.


01:00 - How Ayu started working in data science

10:11 - What is data science?

11:46 - Thinking framework and characters that a data scientist needs to have

18:44 - Examples of cases that Ayu have worked on

25:22 - Example of statistical concepts in the real world

34:40 - Transitioning from individual contributor to managerial

46:25 - Message for friends who are interested in becoming a data scientist