Asanilta Fahda is the initiator and is a part of the team behind—a website that helps voters to determine their pick for the 2019 Indonesian presidential election based on the candidates’ programs and ideas. Aside of that, she also worked as a software engineer in Shopee Singapore as a part of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) team. Besides of technology, she also has interests in the arts and social issues.



Are you one of the half million people who accessed the website before the general elections last April? In this episode, we have the opportunity to talk with the initiator of the website, Asanilta Fahda. Besides of PilahPilihPilpres, Asanilta also talks about her various natural language processing (NLP) projects as well as her thoughts and views on the intersection of technology with other fields such as the arts and politics.


1:24 - Asanilta’s introduction

2:04 - About natural language processing (NLP) and why she’s interested in the field

5:07 - NLP project at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

7:06 - NLP project at

8:58 - NLP at Shopee

10:35 - The challenges of doing NLP for Indonesian

17:00 - Tech stack that is usually used

18:30 - How to learn NLP and big data processing

19:25 - The story behind PilahPilihPilpres

22:05 - The challenges of building PilahPilihPilpres and future plans

24:37 - Why return to Indonesia?

27:09 - Combining tech with music

28:24 - Tech and problems in Indonesia

32:50 - Last words