Aulia Halimatussadiah or Llia is the Co-founder & CMO of, a social storytelling platform. Besides Storial, she co-founded various startups such as an online self-publishing called and an online bookstore called She’s also a writer of 30 books and co-managing director for Girls in Tech Indonesia, a non-profit organization that aims to encourage more women to use technology to improve lives.


Lately, there seems to be a lot of discussions about one of the Korean dramas that talks about start-ups. Have you ever wondered what is the journey to build a start-up actually like? In this episode we chatted with Aulia Halimatussadiah or Llia, Co-founder & CMO of a social storytelling platform called Llia shares a lot with us about the various start-ups she has built, the stages she goes through when creating a start-up, characters that helped Llia to become a tough entrepreneur, and much, much more!


01:30 - How Llia got interested in tech

04:49 - Llia’s first businesses

08:00 - How Llia combines her interest in tech & literature

12:52 - Steps when building a start-up

26:19 - Characters that help Llia to become a tough entrepreneur

29:00 - What’s next & future plans

32:25 - Girls in Tech Indonesia

36:06 - Mentoring & sharing

41:20 - Message for listeners