Aulia Rahmani is currently a Lead UI/UX Designer in Alterra. After finishing her studies in communication, she took up various roles from event organizer to front-end developer. She also writes about UX and design on her Medium and personal website.


What is UX writing and what is the role of a UX writer? In this episode, we chat with Aulia Rahmani to discuss about UX writing - from what UX writers do, how do UX writers play a role in the development of a feature or product, the skills that you need to become a UX writer, to tools and techniques that UX writers often use in their day-to-day job. We also talk about how Aulia’s day-to-day looks like, from being a mother to her hobbies such as writing and playing games.


02:03 - Auli’s intoduction

09:24 - Auli’s role as Lead UI/UX Designer

15:30 - About UX writing

28:30 - Building a portfolio as a UX writer

30:00 - A/B testing for UX writing

33:10 - UX book recommendations

36:00 - Day-to-day life and hobbies