Farah Clara is currently managing the Python Indonesia community and is also an AWS User Group Lead in Indonesia. Farah has been involved in many meetups and technology conferences in Indonesia such as PyCon Indonesia in 2018 and 2019.


If you’re involved in the tech communities in Indonesia, you may be familiar with the name Farah Clara or the username @sosispanggang. She most likely is also involved in the meetups or conferences that you have attended. In this episode, we chat with Farah, organizer of AWS User Group Jakarta and one of the organizers of the Python Indonesia community. We talked about the ups and downs of getting involved in the tech communities, the things that she did to improve various tech communities in Indonesia, to her experience in attending AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.


02:03 - How Farah got interested in technology

09:02 - How Farah got involved in tech communities

13:50 - Ups and downs of getting involved in tech communities

21:47 - The benefits of getting involved in tech communities

24:47 - Things that can be improved from Indonesia’s tech communities

30:12 - Tech communities during the times of COVID-19 and after COVID-19

40:47 - Messages for the listeners of Kartini Teknologi