Radita Liem is a research assistant and PhD candidate at RWTH Aachen University. After graduated from her undergraduate study in UkDW Jogja, she worked at one of game companies from Japan and then at one unicorn companies in Indonesia before finally continued her master study in Estonia. Now she’s researching about High Performance Computing (HPC) for her doctorate study.


In this episode, we talked with Radita Liem, a research assistant and PhD candidate at RWTH Aachen University. We talked about her experience working at game company and one of unicorn companies in indonesia. When she was fell sick and decided to take a break from working, she eventually found an opportunity to continue her master degree in Estonia and then focus on learning High Performance Computing (HPC) which then become her main research topic on her doctorate study now. We also talked about influential women figures in the technology field.


02:22 - Dita’s introduction

03:57 - Initial story why Dita was interested in technology

09:22 - Dita’s focus during her mater study

19:35 - Talked about High Performing Computing (HPC)

29:10 - Dita’s research focus in HPC

32:36 - Programming language used in HPC

38:50 - Reasons why women are not too confident to have career in tech

42:55 - Dita’s role model in tech

44:57 - Dita’s tips for the listeners