Adzkia Salima is a software engineer at Genetwister Technologies B.V. Adzkia is a computer science graduate from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB). Her child dream to be a doctor then took her to continue her master study at Wageningen University & Research majoring in bioinformatics.


What happens when we combine computer science with biology? In this episode, we chat with Adzkia Salima, a software engineer with background in computer science in bioinformatics. We learn so much about bioinformatics, from computer science concepts that you usually use in bioinformatics, how bioinformatics help advance processes that otherwise would take months or even years, to the potential of bioinformatics and agriculture tech especially in Indonesia.


01:19 - Adzkia’s introduction

08:15 - Bioinformatics

13:13 - Adzkia’s work

22:06 - Business model of Adzkia’s workplace

25:11 - Agriculture tech in Indonesia

31:50 - MBTI for programming languages