Adrianti Rusli is a front-end developer at JYSK Group, an R&D clinic & aesthetics companies that is based in Singapore. Besides of working in the front-end development field and dabbling in back-end development, she is also active in communities such as Perempuan WP and has spoken in various events and meetups such as Chrome Dev Summit Extended 2019 Jakarta.


In our first episode in 2020, we chatted with Adrianti Rusli who is currently working as a frontend developer at JYSK Group. We talked about a wide range of things—from semantic web, the fast-paced development of frontend technologies, web accessibility, Global Diversity CFP Day, writing tech talks, and much more.


1:55 - Adrin’s introduction

4:19 - Why majoring in computer science

8:40 - Adrin’s bachelor thesis

14:30 - Internship experiences

17:02 - JavaScript frameworks

19:28 - Tech stack that Adrin usually uses

24:25 - How to keep up with the development of frontend technologies

30:27 - Becoming a mentor on Global Diversity CFP Day

31:00 - Why talk about accessibility in talks

34:01 - Web accessibility

36:00 - Community activities

38:00 - First time speaking at a meetup

40:00 - Writing tech talks

45:00 - About feeling not having a hometown & moving around