Victoria Lestari is an alumni of University of Indonesia and University of Texas whose now is working as a Software Engineer at Google in London. Besides working at tech, she’s also an active writer in Quora and just recently published her novel, Jakarta Vigilante which talk about women superhero that took place in Jakarta.


How is it like to work at Google? In this episode, we talked with Victoria Lestari, a Software Engineer at Google London. We talked about her experience on studying at the University of Texas, teach in Fasilkom UI, as well as work culture in Google. Apart from that, we also talked about superhero and her latest novel which called Jakarta Vigilante


01:08 - Victoria’s introduction

02:18 - How Victoria got interested on Technologi

03:27 - Victoria’s tech stack

04:15 - What did Victoria learn at University of Texas (UT Austin)

08:14 - Victoria’s experience on applying for internship at Quora

10:50 - Victoria’s story on working at Google

17:45 - Victoria’s experience as a lecturer in UI

19:10 - Preparation to apply to Google

23:15 - Team that work closely with Victoria in Google

23:33 - Product that Victoria’s working on

26:05 - Another side of working at Google

29:37 - Talking about Victoria’s novel (Jakarta Vigilante)

31:45 - Jakarta Vigilante’s characters inspiration

34:45 - Women on STEM representation in fiction stories

37:20 - Superhero favorit Victoria’s favorite superhero

38:33 - Victoria’s view on career and how she manage her time

40:40 - Talk about Korea and fashion

41:43 - Victoria’s fashion style

42:30 - How to order Victoria’s book - Jakarta Vigilante (See section Links above)

43:35 - Victoria’s messages for the listener