Amy Wibowo is a programmer and alumni of MIT, Honda, University of Tokyo Igarashi Lab, and Airbnb who is now focusing on redefining computer science education through her business, BubbleSort Zines.



Amy shares her thoughts on computer science education, how she builds her business, the wearable Clipper Card ring that she created that Bay Area talks about, also how she can accomplish all those while staying true to herself.


2:33 - Amy’s introduction

3:02 - Amy’s experiences as a researcher, web developer, and why she started her zine business

5:20 - Amy’s thoughts on computer science education

7:15 - The creative process behind her zines

10:18 - Creative efforts in introducing computer science concepts

12:44 - BubbleSort Zines’s business model

14:50 - Amy’s newest project, the wearable Clipper Card ring

19:57 - How Amy stays true to herself

23:00 - Amy’s thought on privilege and access and what we can do about those

25:00 - Amy’s thoughts on how today’s Indonesian women can extend the fight of Kartini

25:55 - Summary