Indonesia needs more women in the technology industry.

Technology has come to dominate people’s lives. When the creators of technology is dominated by certain groups, there will be bias which will cause disparity in the resulting products.

We believe in the virtues of diversity. Through Kartini Teknologi, we want to encourage more Indonesian women to get involved in the technology industry. The objective is to reduce or even close the tech industry’s gender gap.

In each episode, we will talk with an inspirational Indonesian woman who currently works in tech about a field that they are expert at. We’ll also talk about their journey to get where they are now.

If you want to give us suggestions or if you have any guest you’d like to see on our show, you can send us an e-mail at or reach us at our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.


About the Hosts


Kiki is an ex-programmer who is now working as a Community Manager at Mozilla. Currently Kiki works remotely and lives in the Tegal, Central Java. Kiki is also active in writing her blog, and is currently busy revising her first book manuscript. You can also find her on Twitter.


Galuh is a data scientist currently working at Gojek. When not in front her laptop, most likely you can find her reading or sketching. You can read Galuh’s writings in her blog, or read her tweets on Twitter.